Monday, November 29, 2010

Where do I begin - so much to do, so little time ..............

Well, ever told yourself that phrase?  Where has the time flown this year - as I'm sure you've said, next year will be different.  I promise that 2011 will be more productive - paper crafting and hand made books included.  Right after the first of the year, agendas will be made and kept.  Have you ever said that phrase too?

As you've read in my profile, I married my childhood sweetheart back in July, 2009.  He moved me from Michigan across country to our lovely village in the central coast region of California.  As I'm sure some of you know, combining two people's possessions, into one home, can cause upheaval and frustration, trying to figure out where to move things, what stays, what goes, etc.  That behind us now, it's time for the both of us to follow through with our plans that we've talked about for two years now.  And next year is it ........

I hope to post many, many books that I will be creating for sale in a newly opened, eco friendly children's store, utilizing AF/LF products, and some of them utilizing re-purposed materials to follow the theme for the store.  The area where I work is also rich in antique stores, and gift stores - all up and down the coast.  I will be embarking on prototypes for various styles of books, specialty albums, boxes, and other paper crafts for their stores also.

So it will be a busy year and now that I have the blog set up, I can share with everyone the joy of creating treasures with paper, and I'd love your feedback - either negative or hopefully, positive - if you see something that peaks your interest.

Well, back to the drawing board on creations for the new year.

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