Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just a friendly reminder

Just a reminder to call Angie (or me), to pre-register for the class this Thursday (January 26th), or Sunday (January 29th) - kits have to be made up prior to class, which will allow us more time to "play with paper" instead of waiting for kits to be made up - I have to print off the graphics for the book also, so I need to know how many copies.  We already have names of those who have already registered, but if you're thinking of it now, let us know.

Enough said - see you all in a couple of days!

Don't forget to bring a strong tape - Red Line, Score Tape, or any strong double sided tape will work fine - using a "tape runner" for the construction of the book will allow it to fall apart during humid weather - need to strong stuff I've found.  

Ta ta for now - Sharon

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pop Out Valentine Classes are scheduled - and a sneak peak at February's classes !!

Hello, everyone - as promised, our first class will be a simple, yet very adorable album for Valentine's Day.  Just swap out the papers, and it can be used for any occasion.  Imagine giving a past hostess  pictures from the function that she hosted in this adorable book - what a wonderful way to say thank you for a wonderful evening !!! Make them for every holiday and it can be a decorative display, and then folded up into a neat little 6x6 package, tied up in a pretty bow and stored.  The uses are endless.  

The photo below, shows the album when opened up.  Hearts on the pop outs are attached with dimensional foam dots.  When the pages are opened, the "floor" of the album pops down and out.  

The photo below reflects the floor and pages one and two.

Pages three and four with two poems for Valentines Day.

Pages five and six and two more poems.

Pages seven and eight - more poems and a photo.

The photo below shows the undersides of the pop outs, which are covered with cardstock weight patterned paper to match the inside pages.

Below is the cover to the book and a Valentine's Day graphic which is double cardstock mounted to the front of the book

The picture below show the book when closed, and tied with black organdy ribbon.

In the "cover letter" that was sent to you, a copy of the class brochure was sent and spells out the cost for the class, times, dates, etc.  It also spells out that this will be a kit class - everything that you need for this album, minus your own photos, is included - the graphics, the poems, the cardstock, patterned paper, ribbon, class fee and classroom fee.  

I look forward to seeing all of you on either Thursday, January 26th, starting at 6:00 p.m., or on Sunday, January 29th beginning at 1:00 p.m., at The Shabby Scrapper in Arroyo Grande.  Pre-registration is required as kits have to be made up prior to class.  Drop in or give Angie a call at (805) 489-4430.  You an ALWAYS email me at sharonclay@charter.net also.


As I did with the classes held in Santa Maria, I will be bringing my victorian hat box to class - as you will remember, that hat box will sit in the middle of the table all night/day during class.  At the end of the class, we will then have a look at either a "work in progress" or a finished sample of the next class.  Well, I will be doing that at The Shabby Scrapper too.  Here's a little tid bit of a look at the binding of the next album that we'll be doing - you'll love it - it can be very cute, or extremely elegant.  It's a beaded wire binding - a 5x7 album, that opens and the pages lay perfectly flat because of the binding - hopefully I will have several samples to show you where you can go with this album - either filling each of the 12 cardstock pages (24 photos total) with 4x6 photos, or use patterned papers and decorate each page differently, and use smaller photos - the possibilities are endless !!!!  YOU'LL LOVE IT.  And, you will also be sewing the binding of each page together ......... don't panic - I told you starting with the simpler pop out valentine, each week you'll learn another aspect of bookbinding - we'll be using PVA glue for the binding, adding beads to wires and sewing the bindings together when done.  You'll also learn to "wrap your cover", a process that will become second nature to you in the near future.  A very, very cool project.  

The photo below, is my second prototype wherein different beads were used, with the intent of creating an elegant book.  I will sew the pages together once they are matted and embellished.

Below is the first one I did - funky, wonderful, vibrant colors and bright, jewel toned beading - this one has been laced together, and beads will be attached to the waxed linen cord to adorn the cover side of the book.

These are just a sneak peak - they are nowhere near being done.  

I'm going to close now, send all of you your notification emails so that you can see what this month's class is, as well as the sneak peak for February.

I look forward to seeing all of you soon - as always, if you have any questions, whatsoever, please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Shabby Scrapper opens January 14th - LET THE CLASSES BEGIN !!!

Hey, everybody, I'm back - I told most of you all that I had good news, so here it is:

A lot of you know that there is a new local scrapbook store opening in Arroyo Grande - long, long overdue.  Angie Dalziell is the proud owner of The Shabby Scrapper - an absolutely adorable store which is located at 1045 E. Grand Avenue, Arroyo Grande, CA  93420.  It was previously the Act II Boutique - across from Rabo Bank.  Her phone number is (805) 489-4430.  On my visits to the store, I've gotten to see some of the stock that is being put out for display, and it's WONDERFUL !!!  Not your run-of-the-mill items that you can find in any scrapbook section of a major chain, but all of the wonderful new papers that are out there, and from several sources that I had always wanted to get, but could never find a store that had them - well, Angie has them and you won't be let down when you see them !!!  She's receiving several shipments daily and tons more are planned.

She will be having her "soft opening" this Saturday, January 14th at 10:00 a.m., and her "grand opening" will be on Thursday, February 9th at 10:00 a.m.  Store hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00-5:30, and Saturday 10:00-3:00.

I am making several samples for the store, and will be making a sample for the first of many handmade books that I will be helping others learn to make at the store.  Each project will get more advanced as the weeks go on.  Each session will utilize fundamentals, techniques and knowledge learned in the previous class, and will allow you to build your bookmaking "library" of information, techniques, templates , and construction.  Later, you will be able to mix and match techniques and fundamental constructions to come up with your own designs.  

Our first one will be a simple project and will encompass our next holiday, Valentines Day !!!   This versatile mini can be converted and used throughout the year as a quick, adorable gift, for any occasion, simply by swapping out the papers for other themes of your choice.  During the first class we can also renew our friendships, and make new friends.  I will also be utilizing and sharing a ton of templates during these classes, which will be yours to keep and use in the future on additional books that you make - you'll be taught how to make your own envelopes also.  Lots to talk about, lots to learn, and tons of laughter and fun in the coming months.  

I will be sending another email of my posts here on the blog, with photos of our Valentines Day project, plus any pre-information that you should know about the class. I'm going to utilize the blog to notify those of you who requested to be notified of new projects.  I will be able to explain more thoroughly and include a ton if photos, if necessary, and not try to throw them into an email - it would be too large to send to everyone.  So, since the audiences for these emails ranges anywhere from Paso Robles to Lompoc, and points in between, I thought this would be the most informative for all of you - I hope you agree.  

The last local scrapbook store closed it's doors here almost immediately after my arrival to live here (I arrived here 7/21/09), when I moved from Michigan.  I'd like to thank you Angie for filling a huge void for me, and I know that tons of people in this area and beyond feel the same way - we want our local stores back - and especially our local scrapbook stores, where friendships are built, and there are always those other "crazy paper people" to inspire you and get you past that cropper's block.

I'll close for now, get busy on the samples for the store and the upcoming class - remember, it will be a very simple, but adorable and yet cool one - each one will progress after this.  My classes, at least in the beginning, will be conducted at The Shabby Scrapper on Sundays, starting at 1:00, and then the same class will be held on Thursdays, starting at 6:00 p.m., for those who are not able to attend on weekends, and work outside the home during the week.  These are tentative days and times.  I look forward to any suggestions that any of you have.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you again, and meeting other paper crafters.  2012 will be a very exciting year, for a lot of us, and I'm very excited !!!

See y'all real soon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WOW, 2012 - Another year has gone by.............

How did that happen?  I find it amazing how fast time flies, and I'm sure everyone else does too !!!  Now that the holidays are over, time for me to get moving on all the things I've been talking about, but never seem to get to.  I recently saw a cute cartoon on Facebook and it sums it all up - here it is:

We all do it, unfortunately, and every year we say it will be different - I sure will try to make it different this year!!!  

I will be teaching at a local scrapbook store that is opening in a couple of weeks and teaching handmade books - traditional books and mini albums.  There will also be some other fun things like handmade boxes, and other paper crafting items that will be taught.  

So now I will be gathering up my past prototypes, refine them and make them new and improved.  I'm very, very excited!!!  I talked to customers today at work and they're excited too.

So, now I get to do what I love best - play with paper and teach others to have the same addiction(s) that I have - paper, paper, paper and pretty things.  

I will be posting upcoming class projects here on the blog for all students to see.  Feel free to comment if you see something you like or have questions about it.  I am on my computer every day and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


Till next time, and I will have photos of the first project.