Sunday, September 30, 2012

Accordian Mini

Hello everyone - this is the most adorable, wonderful, loaded with real estate mini that I've made in a long time.  Another Laura Denison design.  The photos below are two of the albums that I have recently made - one with Graphic 45's ABC Primer and then with the most gorgeous paper of all, Bird Song.  I kept the ABC Primer version very plain, just distressing the edges of the papers and using a lot of chipboard embellishments.  

With Bird Song, and the majority of my Sunday off, she's now as complete as she's going to be, minus photos.  A lot of extras went into that one. All patterned papers have been edge inked (I hate the white edge of cut papers !!!), and each patterned paper has been mounted onto a colored cardstock to compliment the paper.  The base construction of the album is policy envelopes, which I handmade from black cardstock.  Eyelets have been inserted where the hemp has been tied, etc.  This is a very paper hungry album because of it.  I altered the original pattern to allow for it, but it could have even been altered a tiny bit more to allow for the thickness of the finished product.  

Each of the pages of the album fold out and when extended, gives the impression that it is a tri-fold.  I have shown each of the "page sets" fully extended and then with the Bird Song book, toward the end, I show what the album looks like when just flipping the pages regularly, not extended.  That's where I'll show you the true "wonder" of this album.  Here ya go...............

Both albums:

Bird Song below, closed.

The accordian shape of the album.

Front cover - chipboard lady is mounted with black foam dots for a 3D effect.

Each page section is constructed alike - just the patterned papers have been changed.  The middle section has a tag insert under the 4x6 mat of patterned paper which will also hold two 4x6 photos.  The section to the left, is a pocket which holds a folder that can also hold four 4x6 photos - two on the patterned papers on the front and back, and two on the inside, black cardstock mats.  the right page is an unpocketed 4x6 page. Again, all the pages are "the same, yet different" because of the patterned papers.

Back cover which affixes the ribbon closure to the album.

Here's the cover again, and now I'll walk you through the album with the pages not extended, just flipping the  whole section.

Section 1.

Section 2.

Section 3.

Section 4 and the inside of the back cover is on the right.

The back of the book.  Continuing to flip from right to left will reveal the wonderful aspect of the is album .......


Section 5.

Section 6. Last page............ 

 Keep flipping to the left and..........

You come back to the front cover, and you can start flipping all over again !!!!

Another view looking down onto the accordian "mechanism" of the album which allows for the constant flipping action of the pages.

Here are just more photos of the ABC Primer version - same thing, just different papers.

Back cover and ................. 

 Flipping to the backside sections.........

Flipping back to the front cover.

Front cover untied.

Just thought I'd share how I spent my wonderful day off from work.  Christmas version is in the making with some other alterations that I thought of while making Bird Song today.  We'll see how they work out.  

Would love your comments.

Till next month...............


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