Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February's Beaded Wire Bound Album

Okay, here it is - February's beaded wire bound album.  This beautiful, flat laying album, is a wonderful way to store at least 24 photos, 4x6 in size, or add smaller mats and add embellishments to the page!!  In addition to the wrapped, chipboard covers, there are 12 cardstock pages that have a beaded wire "hinge", that is hand stitched.  Fun project to make and the possibilities are endless.  There is also the option of attaching a bead to the open end of the book, with seed beads alongside to add some fun and sparkle to the cover.

The photo below reflects the larger decorative bead and seed beads that are attached to the cover's right side, and these beads are also strung on a wire, then attached to the cover.

The following pages show the inside pages of the album and just one suggestion for ways to layout your photos and embellishments.  The 12 pages alternate between a rusty-red color, cream and a black - 3 of each color to pull out some of the colors in Bo Bunny's Timepiece Collection.   Notice on the pages, that at the center edge of each page, each page reveals the beads that were incorporated into the binding.  Enjoy.

Below is the back cover of the album.

Below, the album is opened to the center - notice how flat each page lays which makes it so easy to view each page.

Below is a close up of the beaded hinge that has been hand sewn to tie the covers and the pages together - the thread that is used is tied, either in the front or the back (your choice), and additional beads could be strung on the loose ends to adorn the front of the album should you choose to do so.  If you tie the thread in the back, the ends can be cut shorter and worked into the binding to hide them leaving the only the beads in the hinge/spine showing.  Again, your choice.

Here, again, is another shot of the cover of the album.  Since the album cover looks shabby chic, just leaving the threads from the hinge tying, without any additional beads, adds to the shabby chic look of the album.  

I love making this album - well worth the time invested in placing the beads on the wire, spacing them correctly, then incorporating them into a slotted fold, and subsequently sealed with PVA glue.  You'll be well versed in the "wonders of PVA glue" by the time you finish these pages - not hard, just time consuming since you have so many pages - should you choose, you can make your album with less pages, depending on the theme of your album.  

The processes that will be taught during this session of the bookmaking series, are: wrapping your covers, utilizing PVA glue vs. strong tape and/or adhesive, beading, and the first of many hand stitched bindings.  

Again, this project will be conducted utilizing a kit of everything shown in the above photos.  

I look forward to working with all of you on this wonderful album.

See you in class !!!