Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WOW, 2012 - Another year has gone by.............

How did that happen?  I find it amazing how fast time flies, and I'm sure everyone else does too !!!  Now that the holidays are over, time for me to get moving on all the things I've been talking about, but never seem to get to.  I recently saw a cute cartoon on Facebook and it sums it all up - here it is:

We all do it, unfortunately, and every year we say it will be different - I sure will try to make it different this year!!!  

I will be teaching at a local scrapbook store that is opening in a couple of weeks and teaching handmade books - traditional books and mini albums.  There will also be some other fun things like handmade boxes, and other paper crafting items that will be taught.  

So now I will be gathering up my past prototypes, refine them and make them new and improved.  I'm very, very excited!!!  I talked to customers today at work and they're excited too.

So, now I get to do what I love best - play with paper and teach others to have the same addiction(s) that I have - paper, paper, paper and pretty things.  

I will be posting upcoming class projects here on the blog for all students to see.  Feel free to comment if you see something you like or have questions about it.  I am on my computer every day and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


Till next time, and I will have photos of the first project.


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  1. I am downsizing from a large home to a condo...and couldn't be happier. This will afford me more time to do the things I want to do. I will be following you and your projects and will look forward to having my creativity come alive through you. I love you, Sissy <3