Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Ring Mini Albums

Hello everyone - 

Well, back by popular demand, here are the 3 ring mini's that you all love so much.  I have three shown here, but the possibilities are endless - shown are a holiday themed mini, a baby mini, and one that can be used for generic gift giving.  The floral album has tons of real estate for journaling and/or photos - 8 spaces per page.  In these albums, there are 12 pages so that calculates to 96 journaling/photo spots per album!!!  Swap out the papers, and make it personalized to the photos/journaling that you want documented.  You can make them as fancy or as plain and you like - it's all up to you.  Use double sided patterned papers, and the flaps on each page will have different patterns - the holiday one uses plain colored cardstock in lieu of patterned papers on those flaps.  Your choice.  The albums measure approximately 5 inches tall by 4.75 inches wide.  

The baby one is ideal for documentation of the first year of a baby's life - each pocket has two tags in it for months 1-12 and two extra pockets - possibly one for birth and one for that first birthday.  Each pocket can store 10 spots for journaling/photos.

The holiday version can either be used to hold a ton of photos/journaling for a specific year or designate each page for a particular year and keep all of your holiday photos in one compact mini, just used for holiday photos.

Enough said about this album that I/we all love so much - below are some photos of it/them:


Aren't they adorable?  Let me know what ya think by hitting "comment" below.  Also, let me know if there's any other types of albums you'd like me to try out and make for ya......... 

Ta ta for now - got my paper to play with !!!!!


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  1. Hi Sharon I simply love love love your mini mini. What is their size, how many pages do they hold ? And do you have a tuto for this ? They inspire me ideas for Xmas...... ho ho ho ! :o)
    Martine sayujya