Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Adorable matchbook minis that I've been working on .....

Hello, everyone !!!

I know, it's been long time, life's been crazy here, but here are the photos (finally) of the adorable little minis that I have been working on.  Wait till you see them.  They're all the same mini, but I swapped out the papers and they totally change the atmosphere of the album.  And they only take a couple of hours to complete !!!  I'll give a little description of the albums themselves, but photos are pretty explanatory.  I originally got this pattern as a freebie from Laura Denison, as one of her 12 Days of Christmas projects that she had, either last year or the year ago.  I even adapted this album to be vertical in orientation and added pockets to hold recipe cards - the possibilities are endless.  I'll post the adaptation and other recipe book prototypes later - photos are done, but I just want y'all to see this adorable little mini.  Here ya go!!

The first one is using DCWV's Lemon Flower papers.  I really fell in love with the cool, clean look of the papers and thought they'd make a great little cookbook because they reminded me of lemons and limes........ The photo below shows four little removable mats on the cover that can house anything you want, or just be decoration.  They're sitting in a pocket that has been edged by a Martha Steward edge punch.  The whole album is bound, in this case, with black organdy ribbon.

I will show you now some of the lovely papers in the paper line.  The multicolored tags off to the right of each pocket can either hold a recipe or anything you want to tuck into the pocket.

One of the secrets to this little matchbook album is the "spacer" that is put between each envelope page - it is a pony bead which will allow you space between each page for embellishments, etc.  In my case, on my adaptation for a cookbook, it allowed for numerous pockets and the pockets were filled with recipe cards - on both side of each envelope pocket.  Works wonderfully !!!!

Here is another adaptation, using delicate floral papers and a bow which hold the album closed and ties on the front of the book.  The ribbon closure holds the album closed very securely.  Where the binding is, it is again, run through pony beads and tied, this time with hemp and tied on the back with a bow, keeping the binding "plain", emphasizing the ribbon closure.

In this version, each envelope pocket has flaps on both the front and back side of each pocket for more real estate to put anything you want - photos, journaling, embellishments, etc.

I also did a baby version - yes, that's mine !!!!  I used the TH die cut of the sign with sign hanger and link them together with jump rings. They are also affixed to the cover with dimensional adhesive so that the sign swings free.  Too cute.  Only had enough EK Success scrabble pieces to make up my name, not the generic ideas that I had so now it's mine........... hahahahaha

Each of the six pockets will hold two mats - to simulate baby's first year photos and/or information.

Next, I used (yet another) Graphic 45 paper - this one was Old Curiosity Shop (I made my sister's album out of this paper line, if you remember).  LOVE IT !!!!!  I used a Tim Holtz hitch post closure on this one - it happens to be, it appears, my closure of choice lately - easy to open and close - no fuss, no muss..........

Added a couple of "bookmark" ribbons with beads to the spine on this one.  

Inside the front cover, there are chipboard charms and a metal wing, tied with hemp.  To the right, there is a miniature chalkboard.

The mats that pull out from each of the pockets have a cute edge of houses - Martha Stewart again, I think - don't remember.

Well, that's about it for now for this little cutie album - but trust me, I'm not done with them yet.  You'll find that you'll be totally addicted to making them.  

Oh, why not - I was going to wait, but I decided to show you the adaptation to this mini that I did, making it a more vertically oriented album - my personal cookbook.  Take a look - this one, however, eats up "a wee bit of time"......... ugh !!!  But I love the cute lively papers that I had - wish I had more, but they're discontinued - this is a very paper hungry mini, but I smile every time I look at it.  All sorts of horizontal pockets with stawberry tabs and the top of each pocket, with a little circular piece of fruit on it, also has a tag/mat that pulls out - HOLDS A TON OF RECIPE CARDS - about 50 or so.  The pockets are made from handmade envelopes, and the pockets on the right sides of the pages (4 each) will hold 3x5 cards while the larger pockets on the left sides will hold larger 4x6 cards.  Here ya go.........

The embellishments on the spine are 3D - the binding is duct tape, believe it or not - it will never fall apart.  As you know, I live in the land of earthquakes, so everything I make will withstand an earthquake.  The ground my fall apart, but my books will last forever !!!! hahahaha   This uses the same pony bead spacer technique, has the same horizontal pockets, but vertical envelope pockets have been added to each side of the horizontal envelope pockets to add even more real estate for "storage" of whatever you want to store in the pockets.  Great for photos too.

The ribbon is adorable - has little knives and forks on it.

That's it for now - working on other projects and LOVING IT !!!  Have a great evening everyone and I'll be posting again soon.