Sunday, December 26, 2010

Latest project ..............

As most of you know, I follow a great artist, Laura Denison, from Follow the Paper Trail - this happens to be one of her original creations, and this is my interpretation of it.  It's a Steampunk Cuckoo Clock that houses a mini album, chock full of tons of real estate for journaling and photos.  I, hopefully, will be making two of these clocks for my sons, and the albums will contain the family ancestory from both sides of the family - up until the time that they themselves got married and started families of their own.  Since I also have a daughter, I thought she would be happier with a typical "fluff and stuff" mini, with tons of ribbons, buttons, ephemera, etc., but the boys would prefer something more manly for display purposes.  There is hanger on the back so it can be hung on the wall, just like a real cuckoo clock.

Below are the photos, as promised, and a short description as to the contents of the photos.

This is the almost full frontal view of the clock.

Here is the view of it in its entirety.

This is the top of the clock, with butterfly wings, attached to a vintage button, around the hole for the cuckoo bird.  A little below the base of the wings, you can see the bird.  There is a book corner attached to the peak of the clock for a finshed look and the front of the roof has been painted with crackle paint, then distressed with walnut ink.

This is a collection of peacock, pheasant and other bird feathers, under a gear and metal copper flower that I made.  Tiny, very downy feathers peak out from behind the metal flower which is sitting on a gear shape, which has been sprayed with copper glimmer mist.

This is a view through the square hole in the front of the clock which reveals the metal laden front cover of the album housed inside the clock.  It has metal keyholes, chains, keys, clock face, and other metal embellishments on its cover.

Toward the base of the clock, you'll see four clocks, complete with moving hands for adornment.

Here's a shot of the album that was "hiding" inside the clock, sitting next to the clock itself

The exposed cover of the album.  There are numerous tags inside the coin envelope tucked inside the mini that have ball chain attached to them - adding to the "heavy metal" ambiance of Steampunk.

All of the pages, coin envelopes, and both covers are attached by two 3" jump rings, again to stay with the metal theme.  Each of the holes that punched for binding the pages together, have eyelets attached to reinforce the pages/covers because of the metal rings.  They are various colors depending on the patterned papers that were covering each page.

Now, we start looking at the pages of the inside of the album itself.  This is inside the front cover. Tags are tucked into the pocket created by a tag that was adhered to the inside.

Yet another pocket with a tag.

Next page has a pocket with tag, and the flap that lifts up can also be home to a journaling block or photo, with or without a mat.  Same with the patterned paper on the right.  All of the following pages have a great deal of space for placing photos where ever and when ever you want them.  Every section has multiple tags used for the same purpose(s).

Flap that lifts up revealing more space for photos.

Two more spaces and a double sided tag in the pocket.

On the left, you'll see a coin envelope, that has been distressed, which holds 1-2 tags for photos/journaling.  There is patterned paper on each side of each coin envelope.  On this album, I cut the flap off and punched a finger pull for easy removal of the tags.  These are the tags that the ball chains are connected to.

Double page layout for photos/journaling and a pocket with double sided tag.

Left side, flap to hold photos/journaling, flips up to expose two more areas for photos/journaling, and a pocket with double sided tag, again for photos/journaling.  Right side is a coin envelope, both sides covered with patterned paper and contains two tags, one with ball chain attached.

A view of the pages described above, only now the flap on the left has been lifted.

Back side of previous coin envelope, and next page with slash pocket and space for tags.

Lifting the previous right flap reveals a pocket with 2 large spaces for photos/journaling and a double sided tag.

Next set of two pages - described below.

Lifting the previous left flap, reveals the pocket, double spaces for photos/journaling, and double sided tag.  The right side finds another coin envelope.

Back side of previous coin envelope and right side has a V-shaped pocket for tag holding.

Lifting up the previous V-shaped pocket page, reveals double spaces for photos/journaling and a double sided tag, also for photos/journaling.

Next two pages, described below.

Lift left flap, and the double areas contain space for photos/journaling and the large, double sided tag also can be used for photos/journaling.  The right side reveals another coin envelope.

Back side of coin, right side has tag mounted to create a pocket for more tags.

Flap up and double sided space for photos/journaling and double sided tag.

Left, the last section which reiterates what all the other pages were designed to hold.

More two page spreads.

More two page spreads.

Last page, with two large areas for photos/journaling, and double sided tag.  Inside of back cover.

Looking down onto the album.

Full front view of clock

Full front view of clock, with chains and weights.

Close up of metal work on front of album, as it peeks through the hole in the clock.

Close up of feathers, metal flowers and gear attached to the clock at bottom right corner.

Another shot of the butterfly wings, vintage metal button, bird, metal flowers and chain holding two old, vintage master keys.

Left side of clock open where album slides in.

Rights side opening where album sits, showing that the coin envelope chains dangle outside the opening to add to the metal look of the Steampunk.

Another view of the front of the clock, showing placement of metal flowers on top, feathers and metal flowers cluster at bottom right, and the album peeking through the square opening in front.

Well, that's it for the clock and album.  I'd love to know what you think.  Please post a comment if you have the time, I'd love to hear from you.

Till next time - Sharon

Monday, December 6, 2010

New prototype projects to be posted soon

I've been working on some new projects (as always), and one of them is a double tri-shutter album.  The dimensions of it (closed) are 6x8 inches, however, it opens up to a 6 x 24, with tons of real estate for pictures, journaling, embellishments and pure fun!!  As I looked at the prototype this morning, my brain started ....... we all know how that goes!  I will now use that basic frame and take it further, reinforcing it for even more sturdiness, adding chipboard, distressing it, will be sewing on the patterned papers and card stock that adorn the inside of this wonderful mini album.  I can imagine it being used for numerous occasions - tons of pictures all in one place, and then folding down to a convenient size for storage and/ or transport.  Even if you leave it semi-open, it makes a wonderful display item as you can see the folding mechanism when you look down on it.  It takes minimal paper and card for its construction, which then leaves you tons of time for embellishing and "tweaking" to your heart's content.

On another note, I've been crocheting covers for the 10,000 plastic tube hangers that everyone has around their house.  Beautiful pattern - no more clothes slipping off the hangers, no more bumps on sweaters that are hung, beautiful addition to every closet, and a wonderful idea for giving for that last minute "hostess gift" when you're invited somewhere.  They will be embellished with bows and/or crochet Irish Roses.  I love working on projects like this - a definite take along project for those of us who just can't stand sitting and doing nothing.  I can see lots of these being given as gifts over the next year or so.

So, that's the Monday morning update on a couple of the things that were done over the weekend.  Pictures will be posted in the near future.  Keep coming back and looking - I think you'll like them.

Have a great week - beautiful and sunny here today - going to 70!!!