Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!

Boy, where has this year flown? I have so many mini albums, handmade books, and other papercraft ideas flying around in my head it makes my head spin ...... like a roulette wheel, waiting to land on one special one to undertake. I have several in prototype status, and hopefully will be finished soon. Pictures will follow.

Just wanted to take a moment and thank my husband, Nathan, for being my inspiration for trying new projects, lending support with nothing but encouragement, and giving me that push that I need sometimes to "just do it". I'm also thankful for my sister, my children, my dear friends here in California and back in Michigan, for being supportive in my projects, and in my dreams for the future. Without all of you, my life would be empty.

I have so, so many things to be greatful for in my life, and family, friends, good health, and a million ideas of things to do are just a few. Thank you to all. Off to finish cooking and preparing our feast for today - sure hope everyone is hungry - I cooked enough for an army !!!!

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